May 31, 2011

Noro BFF

I set myself the task of knitting a whole bunch of Cookie A socks before she came to Tofino for the Knits by the Sea retreat in April. I was able to complete four socks and was halfway through the first of this pair by the time the retreat arrived. The other four socks (singles at this point) are on display at the yarn shop. This is the pattern BFF from the Knit.Sock.Love. book. This pair took exactly one ball of Noro sock yarn, which surprised and pleased me.

I was surprised by this because there are only 300 and something yards of yarn on the ball. But I knit using 2.25mm needles, and having found that Cookie's socks knit up on the large size, I knit the Extra Small size of the sock. I have a size nine wide foot, and these are *still* a bit big on me, but they will make great boot socks.

I have to admit defeat here, I know know there is no way I will get twelve pairs of socks done for July. But I might get a few more pairs finished in the next month, which might bring my total to five or six...