April 30, 2011

last post blowout!

This will be my last post here on 12 socks, since I have finished with the 12 pair. So I figured I go out with a bang!
Here are the latest socks off my needles these last few weeks. (I guess that takes me a bit over the required 12 pair, but there is no such things as too many handknitted socks.... EVER)
For my DS and me I made some "leftover socks". I had a wee bit leftover of various sock yarns and made them into striped socks for him and me...

Then I made a pair of socks for my DH. I made him a pair like this 6 years ago and he loved them. Sadly the washer ate one sock and so he requested a new ones. Nothing would make me happier! So here they are. I charted the skull myself. My DD wants a some just like it (only the skull has to be pink) and those are the ones I'm knitting on now...

I also made a pair for a friend of ours. DH said her fave colour is blue (turns out it is red-orange...) She still liked the socks though.
I love the way they came out and HAVE to make myself some like these...
what do you all think?

 Here are two more socks in brown, for the same person that got the blue pair.. out of the softest yarn ever: baby alpaca!
 All these socks have been knitted without a pattern.

This takes (more then) care of June and July and hence completes the circle.So I will be making room here for the next generation of 12 sock-ers. Can't wait to see what they are up to.
If you like you can keep up with me on my own blog though... Rambling Designs. Hope to see you there!
All that's left to say is: 

Sock on my peeps!


  1. I am entirely jealous but I might just make it. I have seven pairs of socks in the works and if I get them done in the next two months, that will put me at ten pairs. I'm sure I'll be able to whip off two more before July is done. Way to lead us to the finish line! Congrats!

  2. YAYY for your SIP's :D can't wait to see them!