June 6, 2011

FO: BMW socks

This is a project that was a long time in the making. Soon after I got hired at my fish job, my new boss, a BMW fan, asked for socks with a BMW logo on them. No problem, I said, I like a challenge.

Well, that was a year ago. I had a hard time getting going with this because for all of last summer, I had no interest in knitting socks. I finally got my sock mojo back late in the fall but these socks still didn't interest me.

Then I got busy with knitting all the Cookie A socks. I was back to being happy about knitting socks. I mentioned to a friend how I was having a hard time conceiving of the logo in a knit pattern. She whipped it up for me on her computer and suddenly my project seemed easier.

I discovered, in this process, that I *hate* intarsia. The yarns I used had different gauges and I had to have two strands of the blue yarn, hanging on bobbins, as well as the white and black carried along in the back. I decided to knit the logo sections in flaps, do a K2P2 flap in the back, and then seam the flaps together.

The end result was pretty satisfactory. It's not my best work, but I had gotten to the point where I was just so sick of the thing that I just wanted it done.

I finished them this morning and now I have one less burden on my mind. Now I have four Cookie A socks to finish (the first half of each pair is in my LYS on display), with the irony that I am soon moving from frigid Ucluelet to balmy North Carolina, and will have little need for socks for much of the year.

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  1. These... are... AWESOME!!!! :)(I'm from Bavaria....and a hand knitted sock fan....)