July 31, 2010

Finished My July Socks!

Just under the wire - very late last night, while watching the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie, I finished my orange "Red Brick Road" socks, by Wendy D. Johnson, as known as "WendyKnits".  The yarn is "The Usual", a multi-plied (eight or more tiny plies?) fingering in an orange colourway called "Chinese Take-out".  I started these socks in April of 2009, and completed the first in about three months.  The first sock was done cuff-down, though the pattern calls for toe-up, but I wasn't comfortable with toe-up knitting then.  Then I started this second one this July, toe-up this time, using the Turkish Cast-on, and knit it very tall/long.  It was longer than my first.  I then had to rip out the cast-on edge and ribbing of cuff-down sock, which was difficult as I was ripping out the opposite way it had been knit.  I picked up the stitches, though it was messier than I anticipated.  And then knit up to match the longer second sock.  The weird seam in the leg makes the sock look a little like a Frankin-sock now.  Oh well, on my upper leg, no one will see it.

Necessary pictures:

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  1. wonderful colour! Love the little "seam" going down the side!