July 11, 2010

July-socks done :)

Hello! I'm here too! I'm spinndiva from Rambling designs! :)
On to the socks now!

I had some leftover yarn from another project, that wanted using up. So I made socks! Of course! :)
Pattern: No pattern, just a pretty cable stitch. (can be found on p. 101, "Claw Cable",in "Big book of Knitting Patterns" from Sterling Publishing, as well as in numerous other books, I'm sure)
Yarn: one partial skein Spa in coral lipstick, from Naturally Caron
Needles: size US3 DPN
Nitty-gritty: Cuff down, short row heel, star toe
They are short, since I had only a partial skein leftover. I do like the cable though and might use it on longer socks later on.
 Close up of cable:
(The colour is closer to nature in the first two pictures.) 
On to August! :)
I started them: Toe up and two at once (DKing)! Wish me luck! I know people do it top down all the time.. I wanted toe up for a change....So far so good!
Here is a sneak-peak:


  1. Those are great socks! The cable is beautiful.

  2. Oh I just love socks! These are gorgeous. I'm finishing up my Cat-Farm-Aid projects for the yard sale to suppliment getting all the ferals fixed, and so I felt justified. Major Confession... I bought yarn! Though my stash of sock yarn is still there, somehow I have been overcome with an insistent urge to learn how to crochet granny octagons.... Pic on my blog of yarn for these! I also splurged and got the appropriate size crochet hook with a fancy handle for my arthritic fingers, oh and a pattern book with a really cute jumper......sigh. I'm hopeless!!!! Still waiting for the sock yarn made out of crab and shrimp shells to go on sale, I really NEED some of that.....

  3. Hello there!
    Thanks guys:) Your comments made me happy! :)

    I had some of that shrimp yarn! (Got it as a pressi) oohhh it's nice! granny octagons are ADDICTIVE! let me tell you! :D heading over to your blog to have a look!
    Hugs !