July 29, 2010

July Socks are Done

Okay, so they've technically been done since July 24th, but since I finally have pictures for you, here's the first pair for the 12 Socks Project

Adaptation of Kalajoki by Tiina Seppälä, and also Fingering Weight Toe Up Sock with SlipStitch Heel by Wendy Johnson

Yarn:Rio De La Plata Sock Solid in Medieval Blue. This is a now discontinued yarn that I had picked up on the Puget Sound LYS Tour 2009.

Thoughts: The patterns were great, and I liked the yarn alright. Unforunately, through my own doing, as I was working the bind off, I actually ripped the yarn at the top (see the blob on the right hand sock at the cuff?)and ended up having to pick back up 8 stitches and redo the bind off after I had already bound off all the other stitches. I used the Elizabeth Zimmerman Sewn Bind off, which gave me a super stretchy edge. Would I knit these again? Sure. If I had the desire to knit for MYSELF for once. :) Great instruction, and a really pretty pattern.

Coming soon: Phineas socks by Rosemary Waits, August 2010, which are also being done toe up in my Knit Fit Knitting Footapy in Daily News.

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